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Kirsty Kross

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25. Габровско Биенале на хумора и сатирата в изкуството

Кратко описание

A guerilla performance in Berlevåg, Norway- a small fishing community high above the Arctic Circle. The Coral Trout- an artistic avatar for the artist, Kirsty Kross- disrupts the town's 1980's themed brass night, reveals a breast and then lethargically crosses the dance floor as a dying fish desperately seeking attention. Afterwards the Coral Trout serendipitously sits in the audience next to the manager of one of Berlevåg's biggest fish factories. About the climate crisis, degradation of the seas, the patriarchy and the attention economy. Kirsty Kross has been creating performances as her artistic avatar, the Coral Trout (a fish from the endangered Great Barrier Reef of Australia) since 2012 to comment upon the parallel developments of the climate crisis and attention economy. She creates attention seeking stunts which involve tragic humour as a means to enable humans to confront with this complex and anxiety making topic. At the same time, through the continuous re-use of one costume, the Coral Trout series challenges the object based obsessions of the art world and capitalist society.


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