Missed Connections


Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard

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Animation film



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25. Габровско Биенале на хумора и сатирата в изкуството

Кратко описание

In Missed Connections, Aasgaard transmits such comfortless realities through the simplified digital language of an animated film, enticing the viewer into an absurd world that deals with new forms of childhood and youth, asking what it means to be growing up today. Appropriating aesthetics of “low culture,” Missed Connections leads one through a Kafkaesque, gamified universe, motivated by a child’s instinct to bolt. The title implies something lost, referencing divergence and separation, which is reinforced visually by the film’s setting inside an aircraft: a real, suspended place of transience. The genderless child scoots alone through evolving scenes, bombarded with brand names and adult situations, building a sense of confusion and disorientation for both the protagonist and viewer, not unlike playing a new computer game for the first time. Using the naivety of childhood as a lens through which to perceive the Anthropocene in a particular way, Aasgaard illuminates the absurd and hopeless. Bookending the film are scenes of anthropomorphised rubbish. A mother-figure embodying a shampoo bottle speaks to our imploded ecological situation. With the tropical slogan that reads “ORGANIC – NATURAL,” we are reminded that organic is now something made from plastic.


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