Yefu Liu

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25. Габровско Биенале на хумора и сатирата в изкуството

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In Hehemeimei (means a beautiful vision of harmonious relations in Chinese traditional culture), Liu made up a future landscape which based on scenes of street life in Beijing, about globalization, geopolitics, and economy. Liu envisions the notion of "global-local" in secular and matter-of-fact language that poignantly points out the existing conflicts between the conservatives and liberals, the elites and the grassroots, as well as the reflexivity of ideology and their unanimous idleness in reality. In video artwork Hehemeimei, Liu not only made up conflict between the Ja Lama (Danbiijantsan, 1862-1922), and Sven Hedin (1865-1952) in history, the boasting of old men playing chess but also penetrated the metaphorical and ambiguous relationship between the Chinese pond turtle and the policy of "hide our capabilities and bide our time". Liu visualizes the imagination where war rages over the Indian Ocean; the Malacca Straits is controlled by pirates; the seaway that transports crude oil to the Middle East is cut off, so it detours via Pakistan to arrive at the ports of Kashgar and the Small-scale peasant economy has been revived in Yellow River basin; China's intervention on the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau brought in the warm the wet airflow from the Indian Ocean to Tarim Basin, and Xinjiang once again has become China's oasis in Central Asia; a large number of immigrants from Asia crossed the Bering Sea, turning the Americas the new "East". The mixing of people's life and material objects has staged a tea party about the plates drift of geopolitics.


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