AD, Proposal I, II, III, IV, V


Yefu Liu

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25. Габровско Биенале на хумора и сатирата в изкуството

Кратко описание

This work contains five independent videos: 1. A female impressionist is attacked by a tiger and died when she comes to the Orient for life drawing. This accident is a coincidence with Tora Tora Tora (Tiger Tiger Tiger) – the codename for the Pearl Harbor attack. Beneath the conspiracy and sneak attack, you will discover that it's merely a steak advertisement. 2. Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death by hanging, his penis erected due to the suffocation. But then an inflatable doll fell down from the gallows. What is the difference between the so-called "radical" of the artist and the terrorism actions? As the penis on the background, historical images are also being consummated again and again. 3. Pouring from the plastic bottle to the glass bottle added with lemon, water becomes a product with a capitalism aesthetic and served to the table. From now on, water releases its original function and becomes a capitalist signal, as the torch of the Statue of Liberty, it guides the people who are willing to follow. 4. At the end of " the Eight-Power Allied Forces Killing the Boxer Rebellion", the last prisoner was shot by a military officer, his head was cut and ready to be shown. An bearded officer confidently smokes his cigarette while playing with tellurian. This is just a Lucky Strike ad, also an explanation of Chaplin's dictator in the new century. 5. A Western explorer breaks into a village in deep Nepal. Due to the camera or her rudeness, she is expelled by locals. She still protects the children while running away. This is an advertisement of GoPro camera with the slogan of "be a hero", which records what happened. Liu Yefu makes five fiction ads reference to commodity aesthetic, while combing those overlapped areas between art history, war, terrorism, capitalism, racism. The political topics are infiltrated into the consumerism mode by humorous performances. Whereas the serious critic is deconstructed, it will be established once again.


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