Concement (Golem No More)


Lars Nordby

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100 x 90 x 120 cm

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25. Габровско Биенале на хумора и сатирата в изкуството

Кратко описание

Art installation (repackaged cement bags on pallets) Working mainly with art installations, performance, and photography, I explore humans' obsessive approach to identity, belonging, and the pursuit of ideological affiliation. I draw inspiration from theater aesthetics and the notion of theatricality and its role in everyday life - especially in accordance with today's global and destructive tendencies of separatism, greed, and xenophobia. Today the question about what reality is, seems to be eclipsed by the tension of how we humans cope with it. Redoubling that feature, we humans are very good at being creative when circumventing our faults. For the 25th Gabrovo Biennale context, I wish to literally situate an art installation of cement bags, one of the most stubborn, harmful, and consumed materials in the 21st Century - parodying ways of framing material overconsumption. Two pallets of thirty-six commercial cement bags each are placed on the floor in the exhibition space. Each bag has new artist-made packaging with original poetic text-work wrapped around them. As illustrated in the attached photo documentation, the text poetically mimics and accompanies the original language of describing the content of the cement bags. Concement (Golem No More) is personally an explorative project, as it follows up on previous exhibitions of mine, where I combine photography with concrete frames. This time, the framing is more literary, self-reflective, overidentified. Practically: the cement bags will be bought at a local material shop in Gabrovo and transported to the Gaborovo Museum. The print sheets with the text-works, measured explicitly for the size of the concrete bags, are individually wrapped around the 72 bags during the installation days. (Printed at Photosynthesis in Sofia). The sizes of the project are variable dimensions.


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