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The Traveling Exhibition is Visiting Veliko Tarnovo!

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Today, July 12, in the lobby of the "P.R. Slaveykov" Regional Library in Veliko Tarnovo, the Caricature Traveling Exhibition of the 25th Gabrovo Biennale of Humor and Satire was opened. The exhibition was opened by the director of the library - Associate Professor Kalina Ivanova and Svetlana Mihailova - Public Relations expert at the Museum of Humor and Satire. Special thanks to our partners from TAM Veliko Tarnovo for their assistance. The exhibition can be viewed until July 31.


When: July 12 - 31, 2022

Where: Veliko Tarnovo, "P.R. Slaveykov" National library

Opening: July 12, Tuesday, 11:30 a.m.

The traveling exhibition of 25th Gabrovo Biennial of humor and satire is visiting "P.R. Slaveykov" National library in Veliko Tarnovo! We will officially open the exhibition on 12th of July at 11:30. You would have the opportunity to see it until the end of July. The visiting is joint initative with our partners from TAM Veliko Turnovo.

In 2022 the Museum of Humor and Satire in Gabrovo celebrates its 50th birthday. This golden anniversary coincides with the 25th edition of the Gabrovo Biennial, one of the largest international art forums in Bulgaria. This year it boasts three exhibitions featuring over a hundred artists from around the world. The theme is Economy of Means, relevant not only because of the proverbial Gabrovo thrift, but also in view of the increasingly critical need to save, conserve and care for resources worldwide.

For this exhibition we have selected a small part of the works selected by an international jury in the Cartoon section. They will make you smile, but they will certainly give you food for thought.

We welcome you at the Museum of Humor and Satire between May 20 and September 30 to enjoy our three exhibitions - the jury selections Cartoon and Contemporary Art, as well as the curated show Sensitivity Training, in all their splendor.