Contemporary art jury


Born in Zurich,  Joerg Bader has worked as an artist, art-critic and curator living in Geneva and Belo Horizonte. Working as an artist in Paris from 1979 to 1994, he proposed a kind of „ontological“ critique of photographic representation; 1993-2004 he lived in Barcelona, working as an art-critic for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and France-Culture, among others. His curatorial proposals, related to social and political issues, deal with questions of representation and presentation. Joerg Bader started curating in Barcelona (Spain) in 1999 followed by various projects in France, Switzerland and Brazil. Since 2001 he has been Director of Centre de la photographie Genève where he has curated over 70 solo-presentations and group exhibitions.

Joerg Bader writes essays for books and catalogues and since 2007 he has been running the publishing house Éditions Centre de la photographie Genève.


Margarita Dorovska is a curator and director of the Museum HOUSE OF HUMOUR AND SATIRE. Born in Pleven, she earned a degree in Cultural Studies from Sofia University and later – in curating contemporary art from the Royal College of Art in London. Before heading the Museum in 2016 she manages large scale collaborative projects, such as Transitland. Video Art from Central and Eastern Europe 1989 – 2009, which examines the transition period through the lense of video art and to date is the most representative archive and selection in this medium from the region, the European Media Art Residency Exchange Network (EMARE), develops and manages a residency centre for artists in Sofia and works on a number of advocacy campaigns for the non-governmental sector in the field of art and culture. Her research interests are in the critical and creative use of technology in art and institutional development in the field of culture, as well as in art in public space.


Francis McKee is an Irish writer and curator working in Glasgow. He is also a lecturer and research fellow at Glasgow School of Art. From 2005 – 2008 he was director of Glasgow International, and since 2006 he has been Director at the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow. He has worked on the development of open source ideologies and their practical application to art spaces, specifically the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow. He curated the Scottish participation at the Venice Biennale with Kay Pallister in 2003. Since 2011 he has been lead researcher on an archives indexing project spanning 1973 to the present.

Francis McKee has written extensively on the work of artists linked to Glasgow, as well as other international artists. He has recently published two books – How to know what is really happening (Mophradat/Sternberg, 2016) and Even the Dead Rise Up (Book Works, 2017).


Anton Staykov is an artist, researcher and writer. Born in Sofia (Bulgaria), he majored in painting at Nikolay Pavlovich Higher Institute of Fine Arts and continued his studies taking an animation course in Israel and doing a one-year course in multimedia and digital communications at the Tel Aviv University. He has a PhD degree in semiotics of advertising. Stаykov has worked as a lecturer, copywriter, scriptwriter and art director. He has led courses in painting, art history, technology, art and media in Israel and Bulgaria. He is co-founder of the Comic Strips Section to the Union of Bulgarian Artists; curator of the international exhibition Sofia Comics Expo 2014 and The First National Exhibition of Bulgarian Comic Strips, 2013. He has written numerous articles on writers, artists and translators for Bulgarian newspapers and magazines and has had papers published in collections and yearbooks of Sofia University and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Staykov has shown 11 solo exhibitions in Bulgaria and Israel and has taken part in a number of group exhibitions. His works can be found in many Bulgarian art galleries and private collections abroad.


Marko Stamenkovic is a Serbian art historian whose interests revolve around the political rationality of image-making and visual communication in the global context. Over the last decade he has been working primarily in the field of contemporary visual arts as a curator, critic, writer and lecturer focused on the intersection of visual thinking with social theories, political philosophies and cultural practices of the oppressed. Stamenkovic holds a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Ghent in Belgium. Prior to his doctoral project he graduated in History of Art from the University of Belgrade and earned his M.D. degree in Cultural Policy from the University of Arts in Belgrade. Stamenkovic has been collaborating worldwide with artists from various fields and contributing to numerous publications, including theoretical readers, cultural journals, art books and exhibition catalogues. Since the early 2000s he has been curating projects and exhibitions in Serbia and abroad.



Cartoons jury 

Born in France, Jean-Marie Bertin is a dentist by vocation, but since childhood has been a big fan of cartooning. He is one of the world’s most famous collectors of cartoon publications with over 5 000 books in his library. Bertin has written a lot of articles for the French and foreign press featuring specific exhibitions and covering a variety of themes. He has worked as a documentalist for exhibitions, books and TV programmes; co-author of the Dictionary of French Cartoonists and Press from Daumier to Today; thesis collaborator in the Netherlands, England and France; contributor to websites and blogs; jury member in Serbia, Azerbaijan, China and the Netherlands.

Jean-Marie Bertin has been the treasurer of the Feco-France Cartoonists Association for the past 5 years.


Daryl Cagle is an American editorial cartoonist who went to college at UC Santa Barbara. Then he moved to New York City where he worked for fifteen years with Jim Henson’s Muppets, illustrating scores of books, magazines and all manner of products. Daryl contributed to many newspapers and media services before he became the cartoonist for Slate.com in 2000; in 2005 Daryl moved from Slate.com to become the cartoonist for the internet’s top news site, msnbc.com and later NBCnews.com.  Daryl’s work is now syndicated to over 850 subscribing newspapers, including half of America’s daily, paid circulation newspapers.

In 2001, Daryl started a new syndicate, Cagle Cartoons, Inc. distributing Daryl’s cartoons and the work of about seventy editorial cartoonists and columnists. Daryl is a past president of the National Cartoonists Society and the National Cartoonists Society Foundation.


Christo Komarnitski is a Gabrovo-born animator, illustrator and cartoonist working predominantly in the field of political satire. His early funny drawings appeared on the pages of local and national newspapers while he was still a student. Since 1997 Komarnitski has been working as an editorial cartoonist for the Bulgarian newspaper Sega. He is a regular contributor to the Cagle Cartoons Syndicate, and his works have been published in periodicals like Courrier international, Newsweek, Yomiuri Shimbum and others. Komarnitski has showed his work in numerous cartoon exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad; he is holder of prestigious prizes and awards among which the prize for political cartoon given by the United Nations Correspondents Association and the prize for human rights awarded by SEEMO (Southeast European Media Organization). He is a member of the Disrespectful Cartoonists Society in Bulgaria.


Andrei Popov is a Russian painter, cartoonist and illustrator living and working in St Petersburg. Receiving his education at Mozhaysky Military Air Academy, in 1995 he left the military career to become a freelancing cartoonist. Over the years he has contributed to a number of newspapers and magazines. Popov is a member of a Russian Caricature Club, Cartoonion international club and Cartoonbank project. Throughout his career he has been participant in, organizer of and judge for numerous Russian and international competitions and exhibitions. His talent as a cartoonist has won him a lot of top awards given in various countries. Andrei Popov is also engaged in illustrating books and creating prints for the fashion industry. His first album, part of the Gallery of Caricature Masters series, was published in 2012.


Yordanka Shiyakova is an artist, art teacher and head of the Exhibitions and Art Collections Department at the House of Humour and Satire. She has a degree in sculpture from St. St. Cyril and Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria after completing her studies at the Professional High School of Art in Tryavna. She has worked as an art and aesthetics teacher and as an art exhibition designer at the National Museum of Education in Gabrovo. She has been a jury member for national and international competitions and exhibitions. Shiyakova has been working at the Museum House of Humour and Satire since 1999.

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